I just finished running the anti-pornography 5k with Mike Alger in 34:30. I have nothing to compare this time to because during the last 5k it was raining and windy, and everyone walked (Whitney endured this with me.)

Anyhow, 75% of the reason I went was to get a free t-shirt, and when we checked in, they killed all of my hopes by informing me that you had to be "pre"-registered to get a shirt. We ran it anyway, of course. Mike basically dominated me at running, managing to talk the whole time while I was out of breath, but still claimed to not enjoy it when it was over. He also won two Seven Peaks passes from the raffle--but above all--he got me a t-shirt.

They started throwing them to the crowd at after the raffle was over, but they kept throwing them in the same spots and the tall guys were jumping up and getting all of them. At one point, I even grabbed one, but someone tore it out of my hands.

In the meantime, Mike is standing off the to the side. A shirt gets thrown way over there, and this guy just picks it off the ground. He's standing next to this other guy and they do this "Do you want it? No, you can have it . . ." thing, and Mike talks them into letting me have it.

He also showed me some cool hip-hop on the way home.

So, the moral of the story is that I'm so glad that Mike came to run the anti-porn 5k with me this morning, it made the whole event.


whitney joy said...

what a weird picture.

5K's rock!

whitney joy said...

PMS. is the shirt even cool?

Anonymous said...

Did you know that if you break it down you were running on average over seven feet per second? An 11.5 minute mile seems much faster when you look at it like that.

Laura said...

No way. That still seems pretty slow. But thanks, and I am impressed at your math skills.