independence day.

I discovered a new hobby on the 4th of July. Mom asked me to use the power sprayer to clean off some old plastic yard chairs so guests could sit on them. I pull-started the motor myself and reluctantly began. The frigid water from the hose seemed unpleasant at first, but as the mist slowly seeped into my clothes I completely forgot about it and cut loose. I couldn't stop. I cleaned all 25 chairs, then washed my car, then Miriam's car. It sprays out so fast that it hurts your fingers if you accidentally get them in the way of all that pressure. 2.5 gallons per minute. I felt like I was using a weapon and I loved it.

Thanks to Nate, Ikea, and Miriam, I also have a beautiful workspace in my old room. I just used my desk to draw my power spraying picture. I love it.

And I attended my niece's baby blessing. New babies in the family always renew a certain sense of responsibility for me. It's like although I'm not likely to play a very prominent role in the lives of my nieces and nephews, but I know that my influence will still impact their lives to some degree. I think my alcoholic grandfather. I never met my grandfather because he died young of his habit. Although this fact alone doesn't seem to impact my life obviously as an individual, the life he led seems to have an obvious overarching, effect that could continually ripple through our family tree.
I just want to have a net positive influence in my family network; I don't know how else to explain it. I just feel an urgency to be a good aunt.

If anyone can identify these lyrics from these seasonal songs, I will happily wash your car with the power sprayer. I don't even care if you cheat:

1- ". . . I saw you at the perfect place
It's gonna happen soon, but not today
So go to sleep, and make the change . . ."

2- " . . . So I looked at the scenery, she read her magazine
And the moon rose over an open field . . ."


Marie said...

Um, I know, I know #2. It's the Simon and Garfunkle one about America. The one with the bit about the Man in the gabardeen suit is a spy. Did I spell gabardeen right? Should that be gabardine? Anyway, you get the idea.

whitney said...

We have the same Ikea stuff. Awesome.

mim said...

I win I win! Independence Day by Elliot Smith!!!!!. I am loving my clean car that you already gave me.