timpanogos noodle bowl.

In honor of Pioneer Day (and my dad's birthday) Whitney and I hiked to Timpanogos cave and took the tour. I hadn't been since I was 11 and it was way cooler than I remembered. It completely blew my mind. The formation of that cave strikes me as inconceivable. I feel like I'll never fully appreciate the millions of years or perfect combination of elements that made it possible.

Our tour guide was this portly guy who said he was a P.E. teacher. He showed us how almost every formation in the cave could resemble food.

"This; over there, to your left; this is what we call cave popcorn."

"Oh! And that up there is what we call cave chicken. See it?"

The best part about it was this little Chinese boy in our group who would say,"Yummm . . ." after every food item.

"There's a waterfall of mashed potatoes and gravy . . ."
"Yummm . . ."

"See that massive serving of rocky road ice cream?"
"Yummm . . ."

"Look! Another waterfall of caramel. . ."
"Yummm . . ."

There were cave noodles and cave bacon; cave carrots and soda straws. I started imagining what kind of meal this kid must've been imagining. His enthusiasm over food never seemed to waiver.


w. leavitt said...

i think the chinese kid might have responded so well to this type of tour because every chinese tour (both of the tours i went on and all the others i've heard about from other westerners) focus heavily on pointing out rocks, trees, hills, stalagtites/stalagmites, etc. that either look like animals or red army generals.

whitney said...

I love this, and I will email you the pictures of that adventure right now.

MiriamR said...

I love you blog Laura! This is Miriam Toutai Reeves by the way. Its refreshing to read your blog and see all the beautiful comparisions you make. I love you artisitc ability!!! It's enchanting. Chessy I know but I love reading it.

Anonymous said...

i like your illustrations. I can't wait for our book. We should donate all the proceeds to a really cool cause.

MiriamR said...

I just reread my comment, I meant my comment was chessy, not your blog. Sorry about that.

Jeff Denison said...

God Bless America

McKayJoice said...

I'm still just a little worried that my profile looks like a little Chinese boy.

I'm getting my nose done.

AllgauerJodler said...

... Land that I Love...

micemilk said...

i say that your picture of the cave looks like the inside of a nose... erik's nose. which i suppose could also be edible.