marvin gaye.

Call me an ignoramus, but I don't like his music.

Every time I hear it, I imagine people standing around in polyester suits with feathery hair jammin' out in a way that seems completely foreign. Somehow there's always a barrier present that leaves me as an voyeur rather than a participant.

For some reason, I don't feel the same way about Sam Cooke although his music also has a dated quality about it. As I'm listening to Sam Cooke, I'm so thoroughly engaged in my present enjoyment that I just sing and dance along.


luke0x said...

i'm a tad surprised. try listening to 'what's going on' (the song, or the whole album) with headphones + lyrics. it's so good.

Laura said...

Songs I like by Marivn Gaye include:
1- Let's get it on
2- What's goin' on
3- Mercy, mercy me

I cannot listen to an entire album, and I guess that's what I mean. The instrumentals are so syrupy.

Jeff Denison said...

I am not offended. What are your thoughts on Al Green.

Laura said...

I actually love al green.

TheSwaingster said...

standing in the shadows of Motown. Seen it? Methinks, You'd seriously be stoked on it.