This is my favorite pen of all.A few weeks ago I left the house with the sole purpose of filling my car with gas; my mother's Costco card in hand. On the way there, I remembered that I also needed to buy some dry erase markers to use on the new white board above my desk.

So I drive straight on main street instead of turning right, and make my way to Office Depot. I am fascinated by their variety of white board pens. Most packs include bulk quantities, but I only want a few. There are tons of different colors, packs that include an eraser and spray cleaner, and some that claim greater opacity than others.

I decide that it's a little overwhelming and that I'll come back to make a final decision after I browse the section of standard writing utensils.

The selection of pens and pencils, is of course, more expansive than the dry erase section. Enthralled by the number of options available, I spend an hour deciding what to buy; no exaggeration. I select a pack of mechanical pencils and a pen. I'm so excited about them that I completely forget about the dry erase markers until I pass them on my way up to the check stand.

Walking to my car, all I'm thinking about is trying them out on paper. I open them at the first stop light I reach, holding them in my fingers, trying to sense what they'll feel like when I'm actually using them.

The first thing I do when I get home is show them to my mom (with some weird notion that she'll also be excited), and then rush downstairs to my bedroom to try them out.

I forgot to get gas and narrowly made it to work the next morning.

I think I should never go pen shopping alone.


w. leavitt said...

i still have one of your pens. don't be mad.

micemilk said...

for christmas i dropped so much money on nibs and holders and inks for erik bc he had gotten back into drawing.
unfortunately he hasn't used them yet. fortunately i have once so at least they aren't completely going to waste. if he doesn't use em soon maybe i'll send em to you for christmas ;)