soft & cheesy.

Does anyone want to drive to LA this weekend and audition for a fashion design reality show (like "Project Runway")? (I'm being totally serious.)

Here is my piece for the Utah Food Bank benefit art show:

It's made of 100% wool, stuffed with 100% cotton, and the little brown ends are made of corduroy. All of the pieces in the show will be displayed in a vending machine and on sale for $1 or $2. All proceeds go to the Food Bank.

Oh yeah, you guys can tell what it is, right?


Cambrie said...

Well done. You've got talent that's fore sure.

If you end up driving out to LA stop by my place!

mim said...

I'm down for project runway....in the spring...!!! I doubt I'd be accepted, but it would be fun to see you audition.

WHITNEY said...

Lars, I'd be down for LA, what with the gas being so cheap.. but I'd miss enrichment!

Kaylene said...

I am so excited for you to try out for project runway!!!!!!! you do know that is my most favorite show, you would be so awesome on there!!!

mim said...

I think buying art from a vending machine sounds really cool.

laura said...

miriam! come meet me in LA! i'm sad you can't come to the vending show. maybe i'll pick something up for you.