(the projector in the room where I attend conversation lab for my Spanish class.)

A guy named Jared Greenleaf presented clips from his journals to my art class. He didn't have much to say about his work other than that for him, art is a joint venture. He spoke of always drawing with others, with friends. He said that when he didn't have people in his life to draw with, that he didn't produce as much work and that the quality also waned. He stressed how much we need people around us to inspire us and create artwork for and with.

I've attended a lot of art events lately. Talks, galleries, openings. Some of them leave me questioning why I enjoy art at all. There is beautiful stuff and plenty of interesting things to hear and say, but I sometimes I feel left with a hallowness; like in the grand scheme of things it doesn't mean that much. It isn't feeding starving children, helping me question/define my beliefs, or even making anyone smile.

Somehow Jared Greenleaf's journal clips revived my hope. They are his life, interpreted by his own hands and eyes and are shared with (and depict) those he loves. I can't think of any type of artwork more invaluable.

A kid in my class said he felt inspired to go home and sketch too. I bet a lot of us did.


mim said...

I never like overhead projectors more than in you sketch.

WHITNEY said...

I sometimes have a hard time with art as well. I think some artists are super detached from actual life. I can't take myself seriously enough to do art all the time. But I do love other peoples art when it is honest and comes from being around people, drawing with other people, I like that idea. Andie gave me a sketch book for my birthday, and I LOVE the book you gave me. I think I will start sketching more.