$10 hotel room & viva las vegas.

When I told people that I was staying in a $10 hotel room in Las Vegas, everyone wanted to know what it was like:

When the rest of the gals arrived, the extravagance began:

3 generations.
Truth be told, I do not love Las Vegas. But I would go almost anywhere to have the opportunity to spend time with my female relatives.

My ability to appreciate female relationships has added a depth and meaningfulness to my life that I never anticipated or even hoped to find.

I used to always need a boy present in social situations to make them seem worth it. Somehow I felt unfulfilled without that possibility for romance, excitement, or a boost to my ego. I viewed other females as competitors and compared myself relentlessly. I am eternally grateful to have grown out of such immaturity and selfishness.

If I never get married again, I know that my female relationships will be enough for me to be happy.


Marie said...

Woah! I'm seeing seahorses.

laura said...

You knew I wouldn't be able to resist posting that. In all seriousness, I think you look beautiful.

whitney joy said...

thanks for tagging me in this. I love sisters and girls... almost as much as I love boys.

Nathan said...

where is elvis?