the end.

A set of emails sent between me and my drawing teacher at BYU:

My teacher (to all students in my class): The grades are in. Please go to blackboard and make sure there is nothing missing or extra. The faculty review is included. Your total grade is under the Final Weighted Total Column.

Me: Hey, I feel like my grade doesn't make sense. My final class grade is a 97% and I got 93% on the Faculty review (28 out of 30.) Added all up my weighted grade should be around 95%, but right now it's 93%.
Laura Barlow
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My teacher (2 mins. later): So I should change your grade from an A to an A?

Me: I thought a 93% was an A-. Don't make fun!
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My teacher (30 secs. later): shouldn't you be folding garments or something? (Because he knows that I fold garments in a factory for a living.) Say hi to fingernails for me. ("Fingernails" is a derogatory nickname for a male coworker I've complained about in class who happens to have particularly long fingernails.)

My teacher (30 secs. later): BYU don't do the A+ thang.

So I guess I got an A. I am so happy that the semester is over, but there are a lot of people I will miss.


Nathan said...


Ageyy said...

hehe well i will have a good christmas/holidays im sure i will just be glad when its over.

christmas is great for kids cos they get all the presents and watch adults do all the hard work and dip into their savings to buy something totally meaningless for a distant relative that they only see at major holiday events such as easter or christmas, but otherwise its just kind of a pain.

haha i really dont mean to bog you down with my irregular amount of cynicism (especially considering i have only been around for 14 years) but no offence i dont like to put a rosy film over my eyes about the world.

ahh sorry. im being a total bitch and probably ruining your day.
well anyway, besides all that thankyou very much for the comments and follow, its nice to know people half way across the world want to hear me whinge about stupid crap that goes on in my life

hope you manage to have a happy holidays/christmas

much love xox

whitney joy said...

this is way funny.

mim said...

Wahoo!!!!!!! Let's Party!