miranda july.

This is Miranda July.
This is a picture of me and my sister, Miriam.Don't they look so much alike?!

If you want to date Miriam or set her up with someone amazing, let me know. But be warned: she might be the smartest person I know. She has a P.h.d. in molecular evolution. (and I'm not lying!)

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Ageyy said...

oh yes they do look rather alike.

Ahh you have seen Waking Life?

Furhter conversing shall be much easier between us. We are quite in the same headspace i think.

Thats interesting, you dont dream anymore? I sometimes think i dont dream, but then if i think hard enough some bits of my dream will just come flooding back to me.

The theory they explained about the six to twelve minutes after you die, your brain is still active, and that you lapse into a dream/coma type thing. and that in dreams, time is just warped and 6-12 minutes can seem like an eternity in a dream.
and basically the theory is, that there is no heaven or hell, but what we think is heaven or hell or whatever you think happens to you in the afterlife, is that dream posing as eternity created by your mind in the 6 to 12 minutes of brain activity.

ive started to become very interested in this theory after seeing Waking Life.

anyway, much love thanks for the comments.