product review.

I've avoided doing this because I haven't wanted to cement the notion about females that tampon commercials portray: That women have nothing better to do than sit around and talk about what products they use.
That being said, there are some products that are helpful and inexpensive enough that I'm happy I don't have to live without them. And, weirdly enough, people always seem to ask what products I use. I was finally motivated by Cambrie's most recent post.

1. The shu uemura eyelash curler. Seriously. I can't say it enough. This is more effective than mascara.Only $20 and you can use it forever.

2.Burt's Bees chapstick. For boys and girls alike. Maybe slightly more than other chapstick, but so worth it. $3

3. Johnson & Johnson lavender scented baby oil. Smells so good that people ask what perfume I'm wearing and makes my skin softer than any expensive lotion. Apply to wet skin post-showering and pre-toweling. $5

4. Noxema disposable razors. Seriously, for someone obsessed with having smooth legs, (I shave everyday) this is the closest shave I have found. Way better than the Venus. Discovered when I showered at Whitney's house and borrowed Andie's.
$5 for 4.

5. Cover Girl lip gloss. I use this instead of lip stick. I have way fancier lip gloss (Burt's Bees, Smashbox) but this is my favorite. Lasts super long and not so sparkly. $3

6. Mary Kay lengthening mascara. The only Mary Kay product I've ever tried because Miriam gave it to me because her skin was sensitive to it. Super black, super waterproof, not clumpy. $10

7. Smashbox Fusion: "On in 5" works as an eyeshadow, bronzer, and blush in one. Amazing, compact, practical. Normally $30, but I got a deal at Ulta. Maybe still worth it for $30 because it's so versatile.

8. Good blush brush for application. I recommend retractable and real bristles (not plastic.)$20, but you can use it forever.

9. Almay Eyeliner. Hypoallergenic enough that even I can use it. (I'm even allergic to my tears.) Lasts all day. I use brown.$7


whitney joy said...

good post!

Amanda Jane said...

I love seeing what people endorse!

I've been looking for a new eyelash curler. That and clear mascara being the only make-upish things I own, I need a good one. I haven't had much luck with eyelash curlers, the heated ones are the only ones that actual curl my eyelashes. I'm curious if this one will work for me, have you tried a heated one and how does it compare? (I feel like I'm writting a letter to a beauty magazine column right now...)

Carroll said...
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laura said...

i haven't used a heated one, but i should just swing by and let you try mine sometime. deal?

McKayJoice said...

eyelash curler. . . I have never owned one.

Laura you have inspired me, i'm going to get one.

A said...

I loved all your favs, but I also wanted to say that your past two posts were inspiring. I hope you hold out for the one that makes you want to be two and keep thinking you can do it all.

McKayJoice said...

I got all bundled up, went out walking in the light snow fall, went to the bank, then bought myself some m&ms and a eyelash curler.

LAURA! why didn't you blog about the eyelash curler sooner?

How did i not know about how cool they are?
I thought they were just for the girls whose eyelashes stuck straight out.

I love it. My eyelashes are AMAZING!

laura said...

McKay, are you joking? This is like the 3rd time i've blogged about that eyelash curler. i felt weird about posting about it again. now you've got to try mine. i promise the one you have doesn't compare. i'm so happy you've made the discovery though!

McKayJoice said...

yes. I will make a trip home soon to try your curler.

Marie said...

Thank you for the suggestions! Yeah for Shu Uemura!

Costi said...

love this post and that you're spreading the love of eye lash curlers, couldn't agree more.

i've wanted to do a post like this for a while