this is partially why i haven't been blogging as much lately.

I designed this, in case you were wondering. (ha!)
I stole the image from a magazine called "The Japan Architect." It is a structure filled with helium, floating in the room.


whitney joy said...

I love the title! Way coooler than those other ideas you showed me.

mim said...

Super Cool!

mim said...

I still love it even a day later!

Robin said...

Hi Laura,
I was wondering if you could make a skpant, or, alternatively, a pirt for me. When you're not busy.

It would be pants that could zip off and turn into a skirt (ankle-length). Is that possible? It'd be even cooler if it could also configure into shorts. This would be a one-outfit for all occasions travel-piece, so you wouldn't need to pack any other clothes. Just lots of deodorant.

好文 said...
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