Meet my clone, Danielle:
(a funny halloween pic i pulled off of facebook, but still my favorite)
Actually, before I go on, I guess this story requires just a little catch up. I no longer work as a custodian, but found employment as a graphic designer for the BYU Chinese Flagship organization on campus.

This means a few things:
1. I bought this computer, because my life became too complicated without one:
2. Because I'm allowed to telecommute, I am going to Brooklyn for 2 weeks to romance with Jared:3. I wouldn't have met my clone if not for the Flagship retreat in Park City that I attended this weekend.

A Flagship secretary typed our names on the Park City carpool roster next to one another. I met her on the curb outside the JKB and helped her load her rolly luggage into my backseat.
Once we're buckled in, I decide to break the ice.
"So, what are you studying?"

"Spanish language teaching."

"So cool! How far are you into your program? Are you graduating soon?"

"No, I have about 2 years left. I've been in school for such a long time too. I'm a super, super, super, senior."

"Really? How old are you?"


"Ah, no worries, I'm 25."

"Really? Yay! I always feel so old on BYU campus."

"Yeah, me too. . . so what've you been doing? Why has it taken so long?"

"Ahhh. . . that requires that I explain my whole crazy story to you."
There's something about her tone of voice and choice of words that feels astoundingly familiar.
"Are you divorced?"


"Me too!"

"No way!"
And she proceeds to tell her story, which ends up being almost identical to mine right down to the details. Similar length of marriage, similar marital problems, similar style of coping with those problems; everything.
We got lost on the way up and back to Park City. We covered a range of topics that I'd bottled up and set way up on the shelf of my memory.
The comraderie was instantaneous. I think I could burp around this girl without feeling weird about it.

My life is amazing.


MikeAlger said...

Jared is a small girl in a pink bathing-sui...? oh, wait...

Amanda Jane said...

You've found your self a soul sister. What a nice feeling.

heidikins said...

I love this story--LOVE it!


Cambrie said...

Ironic to find someone so much like you...

c. said...


mim said...

Awesome! BTW tickets are still >$400. That's 2 pairs of designer jeans (albeit w/out your artistic sensibilities). You'll just have to come to SF to work with me. In the meantime 5 threadless tees, possible titanium earrings, and some blue jeans are going to have to do it for me. And also, check out the family blog for pix of my backyard.

MiriamR said...

thats great! That friendship must be meant to be. I love that you found a job that you will actually love and that will be great on your resume. You deserve all the good stuff that is happening.

Costi said...

so happy for the greatness around you!