maybe deployment isn't so bad after all/ technology blows my mind.

I've wanted to see what this would look like on my blog ever since i first cut it out:

(hmmm...kinda boring...)

The funny thing about my brother Tom being deployed overseas with the Navy is that it's possible I have a closer relationship with him now thanks to gchat. It's just a little strange to consider. I've asked him about the minor medical concerns of many and keep him updated on the details of my dating life.

And I think that Mike Alger knows less about what's going on with me since he's been home from China.

And I wouldn't have a relationship with Jared at all if not for the power of facebook (although we did meet in real life.)

I am still spending 12-14 in front of a computer everyday to prepare for my BFA review and it's had some major effects.

1. I HAVE to make myself exercise. If I'm don't, I'm REALLY sedentary.

2. I see my online peeps more, my real life peeps less. :(

3. I am getting better at using Adobe software. Did you guys know that Photoshop can do anything? It blows my mind all the time. But I don't want to minimize the coolness of Indesign either because I really do enjoy it too.

4. I am blogging less because I can't always publicly express my love of software. It would be more boring than this post.

Wish me luck! I'll be done on Tuesday when I will literally drop off my portfolio, hop a plane to Seattle where I will take a ferry, meet up with my sisters on the other side, and then stay in a beach house in Forks with the fam.

Can't wait. I need nature so bad right now.

This is what I'm using that image for, although it still may change quite a bit:


mim said...

Can't wait for Tuesday!

Annie said...

Laura, I wish you best of best luck!! I'm sending you my warmest encouragement thoughts from my apartment. Love you! It was so good to see you this week :)

MiriamR said...

I hope you did well on your portfolio. I can't believe you guys are going to Fork's! That is so cool!