A hairdryer to my icy heart.

My mom told me over the phone. Maybe she intended to prepare me.
"James found a kitten. He's been feeding it in the yard."
"No! No. You think he'll be content to keep it in the yard?"
"Yeah. I think he knows he has to."
"Oh man, I just hate cats so much."

Let me emphasize that I am horribly allergic. And it's not just a sniffly nose. If I touch a cat at all, I have to wash my hands before I touch anywhere else, especially my face. If I lay on the same pillow that a cat sat on weeks before, I will break into a rash.

Here, documented with my cell phone camera, is my first encounter with the cat:Am I actually hard-wired to love baby animals? I almost teared up!
After this brief encounter where it rubbed and purred its weightless, puffy body against my shoes, it followed me out to my car where it desperately tried to hop in.

I called my mom with my cell phone to walk outside and get it. My excuse was that I didn't want to hit it as I pulled out of the driveway, but I really just didn't want to hurt its feelings.

Conclusion: I still hate cats, but kittens are completely irresistible.


MikeAlger said...

When I was coming home, I totally stepped on that kitten that's been hanging around here. But not on purpose, it was too dark to see. It was mad for a second and then it rubbed up all purry on me.

It must be a girl cat.

whitney joy said...

I love that kitty!

micemilk said...

ah! so adorable!
yeah, my cat bit me on the face this morning. big cats do become less lovable.

Gian and Andrea said...

kitten + cuddly, purry = a infinitely irresistible.

Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

Dern that little kitten! IT makes me take back everything bad I ever said about cats!