please still say i'm not a stereotype.

I remember once telling a friend that I have before and most definitely still would take my eyelash curler with me backpacking.

"It's so Laura...but also kind of not so Laura."

I completely agree. I'd like to think that the seeming dichotomy of those two items describes something about myself far beyond the mere fact that they happen to be two things I enjoy.

There's a strange part of me that enjoys the fact that my best friend and boyfriend both love Glen Beck when I can hardly bear to stand in the room with a television broadcasting his scathing voice blasting.

I guess, like anyone else, I love feeling like an exception to the rules of cultural dictates.

Last weekend, I accompanied my Glen-Beck-fan-meat-loving-MFA boyfriend on the most art-drenched ventures ever (I still had to wear my jumpsuit and sing D'angelo to myself the whole time):

First, a Friday night show at the CUAC.
Then trailer tacos afterward.
Then a Saturday night collage party at Jenny's.Jared.Jenny.Annie.Me.Last night we made cards at the letterpress lab.
Paris & Miguel.


mim said...

Nice cutting skills!

Carroll said...

Fun to see your friends, collages, and a good part of your lie. You are so busy I don't see much of you.
I enjoyed the pics!

Carroll said...

Jared's collage IS AWESOME! How long did that take him?

MikeAlger said...

This is the first time I have ever seen Kenji's face. Don't worry, though Kenji. It's certainly not the first time Laura's mentioned you. And now I feel obligated to say don't worry Jared because of something.

Costi said...

you guys are too cool! i might have to steal your collage night idea and put that on my list of qualities in a guy (one who enthusiastically participates in such things)

Gian and Andrea said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the taco trailer called Juvantino's. It's one of the best places I've ever set foot in my life.