spanish speakers only.

My Spanish teacher is a nerd; a real zoobie. Clean-cut with boyish good looks; polite, caring, enthusiastic, but a stickler about assigning things that feel impossibly difficult and making sure that he marks you absent if you're more than 10 minutes late. (We have class 5 days a week and you automatically fail if you're absent 5 times.)

Earlier in the week, he was teaching us the about the "a personal" and writes this on the board:

¿Tu amigo lleva _________ a la fiesta?
Our options being "a mi hermana" or "mi hermana."
(translation: Your friend is bringing my sister to the party?)

To help us decide whether or not to use the "a," my teacher stiffly exclaims,"Is she likely to receive some action if she is being taken to the party?"

The class erupts. My teacher turns bright red. El fin.


mim said...

I get into those situations too often myself when I teach. The class always loves it. Some of the mistakes I have made are funny enough that I keep them in mind for future use. Your teacher should be proud. That was a pretty good one.

heidikins said...

Bwaaahaaahaaa!!! I love this!


Chelsey said...

That is pretty funny! Do you make business cards?

laura said...

I totally make business cards! Let me know how I can help you out.

Chelsey said...

I would love if you could get together sometime and create something! I have just been making them myself and don't love them! Let me know your price and when we could get together!

Chelsey said...

I think I would like to have a picture of a cake and the info. Something like that. maybe a few different versions of that style with different cakes. I don't know really! YOU are the expert!