(illustration by Lindsay Petrick)
Tonight a dear friend confessed to me her ongoing unrequited love.

"It's so beautiful, even though it's unreciprocated," was my reply.
"But I want it so much to be reciprocated."
"Of course you do; that's what makes it so beautiful."

Sometimes I get so sick of myself. I feel like a ball of unrequited emotions and yearnings. I hope for feelings of indifference more than for the actual fulfillment of my unrequitement. It's a cynical approach to passion.

Tonight stood out as a reminder to the power and purity of vulnerability, longing; even desperation. I think a lack of indifference is something that should actually be celebrated, praised, treasured, and revered.


Luke said...

Laura, you are totally right. I think I try too hard to avoid being hurt and forget that opening myself up to the possibility of pain is essential to building a meaningful relationship with someone. Vulnerability should be celebrated. Playing it safe is the source of many of the confusing cultural dating rules we've set up for ourselves. Etc, etc, etc.

Carroll said...

It is great to be alive!

Suvi said...

Rabbi Shmuley recommends that we allow ourselves to be vulnerable! Of course it hurts, but that is LIFE. And might as well live it, instead of being stone cold, protective of your heart.