There are so many reasons why I haven't been blogging much lately. Blogs are not for making announcements. Much is happening in my little Provo life and it will have to seep into the whole of my personage in order to affect the way I write here.

But still, one of the biggest contributing is factors is that I love design. Unlike last semester, my head is now totally in the game. Nothing I'm doing feels like homework because I wouldn't choose to be doing anything else.

I was walking into the HFAC last week when a guy tried to hand me a neon green flier advertising his comedy sports act. He extended his arm toward me with some force, entirely certain that I'd take it out of his hand.
"Sorry...I just..."
There wasn't really time to explain and I'm sure he didn't care. He was busy recruiting an audience.

What I would've said is that I don't like comedy sports and never have. And I am so occupied with obligations that I'm not sure I could attend even if my best friend were performing in it.

As I thought more about the interaction, I started to feel great gratitude that if I am someday a successful designer, I would never have to hand out fliers in order to get peoples' attention. My ideas would be communicated in a manner where nobody would gather to witness my work; I'd never have to point it out at all; it would be enjoyed quietly. Or maybe it wouldn't be noticed all because of its innate appeal in the ease of its use/the function of its form.

Design feels more service oriented than painting or theater or film or music because it goes beyond entertainment to make mundane things beautiful and easier to use. You always consider your audience first. I love it so much.


mim said...

I like this one. I miss you, but this is the way you need to be in school. See you in a couple years. (Okay really maybe tomorrow!!!!!!!!)

mustdestroyalltraces said...

excellent. this reminds me of a conversation i had once with a friend where we discussed which would be more rewarding--to be a famous person who invented something unimpressive or the person who invented chairs...