the love of a hacker.

My email account was hacked at around 2:30a.m. on Tuesday morning by someone with the English skills of a Chinese High School student. It was sent to everyone I've ever emailed, including bosses, art galleries I had to contact when I was working as a TA, and lengthy lists of BYU kids from my classes. It read:

How is everything going?
I want to share something with you : http://www.kcnshop.com/
On this website ,you can find many new and origianl electronic
products .Because of New Year 2010, they are holding sales promotion
activity, all the product are sold at a discount.
And i have bought some products from this web, low cost and good
quality ,and the delivery is on time .
If you need some, visit this website . Hurry up,because the promotion
activity only keeps 1 month .
Hope everything goes well.

It ilicited many interesting responses that actually made me feel really loved, including:

hey did you send me this or did somebody hack themselves into your account? hope you are well...: )

virus? sorry girl.

via chat:
are you awake for rlz? Oh, no just a chinese high school student hacked into your account.

from the mother of an old friend:
I know you didn't send this strange email about some camera shop...Someone with more computer knowledge than me can tell you what is going on. Otherwise, I hope things are going well for you. Maybe I'll see you around Provo or on campus, if you're still there.

From a beloved co-worker:
quick heads up. got a mass e-mail from you around 2:30 am for kcnshop.com. as it's 2:30, and i'm very tired, i didn't think much of it until after stopping by the site and then thinking to myself... "wait... does this really seem reasonable?"

anyway, if you did send the e-mails, no worries. if not, you may want to check your gmail account as it may have been hacked.

hope all is well, friend. we should do lunch sometime.

your friend,
mos def.

from one of my design professors:
this was in my email. are you in a new line of work?

my response: Ha! Yes, someone hacked my email last night. I changed my password this morning and I think that should take care it. Thanks.

His reply: you might want to reconsider. it could be quite lucrative.

A lot of people who only scanned it thought that I actually wrote it. One girl in my design classes thought I was linking her to some really sweet design site. Ha! It still makes me laugh.

It's funny how someone in a foreign country sent out a dishonest reminder to the world that I exist and that many people so lovingly responded.

So here's a small thanks to the hacker, wherever they are; but with hopes they don't try to steal my identity or money.


mustdestroyalltraces said...

i'm a little sad that my sincere thanks e-mail didn't make it to your list of given responses.

that's what i get for showing gratitude...

mim said...

Hey! This is like the first time that my spam filter has worked for anything except viagra ads! Wow!