I took more photos of the ground outside my airplane window than any person or thing in New York City. I find them completely irresistible, like they hold some greater knowledge about typographic grids and visual structure than I could ever hope to learn from a book.

If only my trip had stayed so subtly artistic.

Sometimes I'm certain my life could be made into a movie; or a soap opera. And if I didn't hold personal blog rules about talking about direct events that involve others, I'd have quite a yarn to spin. I'd explore the sting of broken dreams, betrayal, the desperation of separated lovers, confessions of unrequited love, cutthroat competition, the joy of new friendships, and the comfort that can only reside in the company of the oldest of friends-- all ending neatly in a satisfied package of personal victory (I hope).

At the very least, I'll provide the illustration of most of these events. It'll be like a choose your own adventure story. Use your imagination to fill in the details:


Robin said...

Bowls from Ikea (sans imagination)

Suzanne said...

Jealous! Hope your trip was fantastic. Beautiful pictures.

Dylan said...

I'm glad to be a part of your soap opera. Thanks for being part of mine.

Paris said...

i finally have discovered your blog...i know shame on me. and to think i scroll down to see me face!

haha lurv you