hard times.

Believe it or not, but Google told me to take the wrong train last Friday morning. I was supposed to get off at "9th St." from the R and got off at "9th Ave" from the D instead (both were two stops down on their respective lines.) When I finally recognized my mistake, I was 50 minutes away from my destination and already 15 minutes late for a meeting with a freelance client who's number I didn't have. It started raining and I also didn't have my umbrella.

When I finally arrived an hour and a half late, completely soaked, the client was gone. His wife greeted me at the door with a smile and let me in. She'd been feeding the most beautiful, smiling, dark-haired baby. On the sofa sat two soft and lazy cats. She gave me the files I needed and wished me well.

I can never feel too sorry for myself in New York. And I've had some bad times here. There is so much life going on around me that causes me to see outside myself.

I lost my way to the subway station after getting the files and the rain escalated to a downpour. I watched homeless men, asian tourists, muslim women, art students, and small families all rush to find shelter.


mim said...

I did the same thing once at the Utah/Idaho border and landed us in the High Uintahs instead of Bear Lake (maybe you were there for that adventure. I can't remeber.). I haven't been the navigator on any family trips since.

Matt and Suzanne said...

I don't know how you don't get lost everyday on the subway. Super confusing if you ask me.:) Sorry about your bad day! What adventures you are having!!!

Cambrie said...

You are brave to navigate NY! I'm too chicken for that sort of thing. Sounds like you are having adventures : )

micemilk said...

everyone needs a good nyc rainy day story where everything goes wrong. i think i know what day you're talking about, i also got soaking wet that day and i was only two blocks away from the apt.