riot for life!

Here's the news: I want to give birth at home with a midwife. After months of not even feeling sure how I felt about medicated v. unmedicated child birth, I want to take the most granola/hippie/new age option that anyone in my family has ever taken. It's a new development. I just received a letter in the mail from my insurance company stating that my future care at Mt. Sinai Hospital is all approved and ready to go. Pushed, by Jennifer Block is the culprit. It's not a book about how to give birth and the author has never had a child. It's basically just an investigative report about how in the US, women's desires and preferences in birthing circumstances are routinely undermined for a series of complex bureaucratic, industrialized reasons. Very seriously, I'm convinced that the reproductive rights of women should be focused on childbirth options much more than abortion. Did you guys know that midwifery is prohibited in 10 states and unrecognized in many others? I didn't.

Here's just one lovely passage from the book:

"[Dr. De Angelis], a solo practitioner, to maintain his standard of living in suburban Jew Jersey...and pay out an annual $90,000 in malpractice insurance, [has] had to double his case load. Which means halving the time he spends with patients in an office visit. And he's irate about it. "You tell me what other profession has to pay $300 just to go to work every day! The bottom, line, the bottom line is the care for the patients. And as a consumer...[she] gets 5 minutes in the office. And when the consumer is in labor? It's a vicious cycle. I can't sit with that patient. I have to go back to the office... This is not a way to practice medicine...Why do women put up with this? I have no idea. You know, back in the 80's when I was in residency, there was a feminist movement. The women back then wouldn't have tolerated this."

Let's start a revolution guys. Let's take to the streets.

I've still got to find a midwife. Wish me luck.


C.A. N said...

Good luck-- very sincerely. I think that would be an awesome experience and people did it for thousands of years!

Not to be negative or argumentative or anything but I once had a friend in my ward who had the same plan of home birth with mid-wife. She told EVERYONE her plan. She ended up needing a c-section but the mid-wife was reluctant to call 911 so it delayed her getting to the hospital. Scary, but baby made it.

I hope you and midwife are at least open to the idea of hospital if necessary.
Best of luck!

Katri said...

I'm a big fan of midwives and natural childbirth. But I'm too chicken to give birth at home. I sincerely hope it all goes well for you.

Amanda Jane said...

It is illegal to have an assisted home birth here in Nebraska. One of my good friends out here had her first three kids at home with a midwife (in Utah.) She still used a midwife but went to a birthing center for the baby she had out here. She said the birthing center was great, but being at home is still her preference.

The thing is you're not stupid Laura, when the moment comes you'll do what is best for you in that moment. I don't mind what anybody does when it comes to mothering (from birth, to nursing and beyond.) But I am a firm believer in each of us choosing (and being supported) what is best for each of ourselves individually.

I'm so happy for your big new adventure!

McKayJoice said...

I have a dear friend who has 4 kids, the last three she had at home, and to hear her talk about it is like listening to a sweet song.

She is here in Utah, and she LOVED her mid-wife, let me know if you want her name!