all is full of love.

The other thing I'd forgotten about working full-time is that you have so much time to think-- which can be good or bad. I think it's been pretty good lately because I'm so happy. I've considered what moments in my life speak to the absolute heights of joy and depths of pain. I've been piecing together why and how these moments were so joyous or miserable. I've imagined possibilities of greater joy in the future, and I guess I'm so optimistic lately that I haven't fantasized about any future moments being worse than anything I've experienced in the past.

Today I considered how immensely blessed I am to enjoy relationships with such noble and unique personalities. My sister, Marie, (who runs a full-time day care and has three children) approached me with two book ideas that she'd conceived and wanted me to help illustrate one of them. My sister, Miriam, (a Ph.d. who runs her own science lab) just wrote a fantastic essay that just showed up in my e-mail in-box this afternoon. And Whitney, who is always working on some new idea, keeps proving herself as one of the best friends you could have on the planet. I feel like there is a zeitgeist of increased creativity flowing among those closest to me and like great things are going to result.
This realization prompted me to listen to the bjork song,"who is it" every time I drove somewhere in my car and sing along as loudly as possible . It felt great.


national champion said...

I feel the same way. there is magic in the air.

Marie said...
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Marie said...

I'll try again- I said you were The "wond" beneath my wings, so I had to start over. Thank you for believing in my daunting creative endeavors. I couldn't do it without you. Muah!

Tom said...

The photo in this post shows your nostril at a lovely angle.