full-time folding.

It's not so bad folding full-time again. My school schedule was so hectic that it feels like somewhat of a break.

Today a Hispanic woman stopped me in the bathroom while we were both drying our hands. She told me in broken English that she likes to look up from her sewing machine and see me folding. She explained that I was graceful, like a dancer, in the way I perform my work.

The only error I made upon returning to full-time status was forgetting that you should never bring fish to reheat in the microwave for lunch. I had to be the moron to stink up the cafeteria today. Three different co-workers approached me at different times and said, "Oh. You're the one with the fish."


Anonymous said...

did you fold those towels? when you play poker do you always fold? will you be blessed a million fold when you die while the rest of us will only be blessed 100 fold?

Laura said...

yes. yes. yes.