graphic dreams.

I'm feeling completely flattered by my English teacher, who told me after reading my personal narrative ("Explosions") that I should be a writer. She went on to say that I had found my genre, that I should be teaching the class about how to write a personal narrative, that I need to be published. She even made a statement like," Move over Stephenie Meyer, 'cause Laura Barlow's coming through."
And although I feel so complimented; I'm also petrified.
It is my absolute dream to write graphic novels as a viable occupation.
But what if my paper was a fluke? What if Miriam helped me edit my paper so much that it's half hers? What if my teacher just likes me? I've been unable to focus on studying for my physical science final thinking about it. What if I really can write graphic novels and I just need to find the courage to do it? What if I try and it doesn't work out? What if I really wouldn't enjoy it once I got started?

And on a completely unrelated topic: I hate that I turn regular hang-outs with friends into therapy sessions.

I cannot wait for Friday when my finals will be over.


whitney joy said...

You kill me.

luke0x said...

nice pic.. didn't i introduce you to it? ;)

sounds like you came up with a great list of reasons why you should never even try. except, you already have, and when you did you blew my mind. 'today is saturday', as short as it was, couldn't have been better or more evocative. i think it's evidence it would be worthwhile giving it another, bigger try.

whitney joy said...

Oh my gosh, I didn't know you were friends with Craig Thompson!?!?

stephanie meyer said...

I just read your personal narrative, and it's not even that good.

Your teacher is a quack!

Craig Thompson said...

Hey Laura, just passing through. How's it going?

whitney joy said...

Holy Crap!

Anonymous said...

i think stephanie meyer is mad. maybe you should invite her to sushi tonight.

Marie said...

Miriam Shmiriam- when you publish, that's what the "acknowledgements" page it for. Woah, you had sushi with Stephenie Meyer?