Today was the last day in my World Civ. 0-1500 class and we're finally reviewing the Italian Renaissance. Whenever my grad. student teacher doesn't have expertise in something, he asks the class what they know about it to help him out and fill in. (I hate that we get tested on things he doesn't even really know about.)
He shows a few photographs of the Sistine Chapel and the famous sculpture of Moses and says, "Can't anyone share anything about Michelangelo with us?" and then he points at me, "You. . ." "Me?" "Yeah, aren't you like, an art student?" To me, the topic of Michelangelo is fairly broad. "What do you want to know?" "Anything," he answers.
I forgot to mention that this is a huge, auditorium style class where you don't know anyone's name. S0, we can conclude any combination of the following:
1- I am so loud that he once overheard me saying that I was a Graphic Design major.
2- I dress in such an artsy way that he felt comfortable drawing the conclusion that I would know about Michelangelo.
3-He is somehow linked to the Art Dept. and memorized my name.

I know that 3 isn't likely, but I wish I could read his mind only for a moment and determine which of 1 or 2 it was.


whitney joy said...

So what did you teach the class?

Laura said...

I actually said something I learned in my Book of Mormon class about the horns on the Moses sculpture.

Anonymous said...

this is what happened, a combination of one and two. he heard you say something and since he is so interested in graphic design he hurry and looked over but wasn't quite sure who said it but then he looked at how you were dressed and thought to himself, "its her!"