car hip-hop.

So, two posts in one day. I forgot to mention that I was listening to this old Common album on the way home from BYU. I enjoy music the very most these days when I am driving home from BYU. I always crank it up and cut loose. I've noticed people sometimes noticing me car dancing while I'm in traffic and giving me funny looks. Everyday I wish I had someone in the car with me who would rock their head to the music and love it as much as I do. Nothing romantic- it could be a girl; sometimes I wish it were my brother. I've just never had a real hip-hop buddy.


Anonymous said...

I just googled "hip hop buddy". Apparently there is a sister company of strictlycuddling.com that offers a hip hop buddy service in the Provo area for pretty cheap.

whitney joy said...

That is hilarious.