In this picture: find 15 fruits, someone being poked, and Erykah Badu all listening to Brad Wilcox speak at the American Fork Tabernacle. (Whitney and Nathan are honorary collaborators on this piece.)

this is my banana boyfriend.
(cell phone charm)

and this is a moofia.

My tokidoki package arrived today. I took them out of their packages and photographed them on top of the swamp cooler first thing when they arrived. I feel like an eight-year-old boy who just successfully nagged his mom into buying him a teenage mutant ninja turtle action figure.


whitney joy said...

I found only 4 fruits, is this a trick?

Unless the other 11 are coming out of that one poor dude, who is vomiting.

Anonymous said...

I cant even name 15 different fruit let alone find them in this picture. And now I'm really lost cause I thought I was the one who drew the fruit. I think waldo ate them.