summer solstice.

Yesterday was the longest day of the year and Nathan and I totally celebrated by rock climbing, swimming, eating Thai food, visiting friends, and crafting. Before the course of the earth forces us into autumn, there is still so much to accomplish:
  • Unloading my storage unit.
  • Eating breakfast in Saint George.
  • Rafting the Provo River.
  • Taking a trip to the east coast (New York and Boston.)
  • Taking a trip to Anacortes.
  • Becoming competent at yoga.
  • Learning to rap the one part of the Bjork "I miss you" remix on Telegram.
  • Learning why sunscreen can subdue the damaging affects of high frequency UV waves.
  • Teaching Nate to sew t-shirts.
  • Wake boarding.
There's really a lot more. I'm gonna have to come back and edit later.

And I accidentally loaded the pictures from my mom's camera instead of my own (because our cameras are identical) and I discovered some that required posting:

This is my beautiful niece, Mattie.

This is Carl & Hilary extracting honey.

And finally, here's some concrete proof that pictures are worth a thousand words.
This is me, Michael (one of my favorite people on the planet,) and Adam. This is a day before Michael entered the MTC and two months before I left Adam.


whitney joy said...

this last picture is crazy.

Katie Bahr said...

I found your blog, which means you will get to experience lame comments by yours truely ;)

Amanda Jane said...

I found your blog too! And ditto Whitney. I'm glad you are so happy!

Anonymous said...

for a good time call 1-800-iam-lars

Anonymous said...

meaning: wow, I had one of the funnest weekends ever and you should be a travel agent or something. If I meant anything else the number would have been 1-900...

Barlow's have blogged said...

So I laughed pretty hard at that last picture. I agree w/ Whitney, CRAZY!!