saved by the bell.

Nothing prepared me for my current job as well as elementary school. This is because at elementary school and Beehive Clothing, the bell is the boss. It orders you to sit in your seat, to come inside from recess/breaks, to eat lunch; to gather your things and head home. In elementary school, I learned that even the longest, most monotonous days eventually come to an end. I learned that regiment and routine can be withstood. These are the skills I rely on most at Beehive Clothing.

Today happened to be one of those seemingly unbearable days, until I pieced together a perfect outfit in my mind. I got pretty excited to go home and try it on; but then I realized that it needed a screen print to attain the perfection I was envisioning.

As soon as the bell rang at 3 o'clock to announce that it was time to go, I ran out the building, raced home in my car, and started screen printing. It was ready to go at 5p; just in time for a debut at foreign film night. And truthfully, I think it looked pretty snappy with my white vinyl rain boots.


Marie said...

Is that a rather high-priced Tokidoki wrist watch I see?

I love the umbrella- wish I could see the boots, too.

w. leavitt said...

nice work.

whitney said...

I just had a small realization while reading this... Laura, you are aight (aka tokidoki)!