fall arrivals.

It's official. Fall is here and the best summer of my entire life is drawing to a close. I wore a hoodie to work this morning because it was cold outside. I received an e-mail from the grad student who will be teaching my Spanish class telling me to get ready.
Thanks to everyone who made my most fantastic of all summers possible. I have no regrets and I hope you don't either.

Fall has brought with it a few unexpected surprises:
1. A new quilting obsession ( I couldn't stop thinking about different quilt designs at work today. Weird!)
2. Llamas! I took this picture only 20ft. away from my bedroom window. I can't walk or drive past them without shouting (really to myself) how cute I think they are. But I love that they all turn their heads and perk their ears up every time.


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Wow! And I thought that the bunnies we used to have were cool.