My mom used to camp all of the time when she was young. It's what she did for fun on the weekends as a teenager growing up in Washington.
I came home from camping this morning and started saying something to her about how I probably needed to wash my jacket.

"...but I don't really want to because I love the smell of campfire smoke."

"Laura, I used to come home from camping and just smell my clothes afterward. I've always loved it."

About an hour later we were looking through a quilting book. We both agreed on liking this one:

My mom said she liked it because it looked Gaelic.
I said I liked it because it looked like a pixelated atari game from the 80's.

The world may never know.


Cambrie said...

do you camp with friends/roommates? I love camping too... although I do enjoy a good shower to get rid of the smell afterwards. Funny that we always seem to have a lot in common with our mothers.

w. leavitt said...

i'm just glad up posted that old portrait of yr ma.