the hoh rain forest.

the beach where we camped.

waiting for the ferry again.
I am decidedly in love with the outdoors.
The day before leaving on my trip to Washington I spent around $450 on a backpack and sleeping bag and squirmed with guilt the whole 13 hour drive up the next day. But all it took was one night in the Hoh rain forest to set my mind at ease.
There is something wonderful about being left to the mercy of something other than a clock and calendar.
Adam could never handle doing things outdoors for this reason, I think. He sought for as much control over his disordered mind as possible and that required a controlled environment. Wind and rain and insects create a certain chaos for anyone, and in Adam's case, it was just too much.
That's why we never did anything outdoors.
Before last week, the last time I camped was 4 years ago.
Being outdoors is a personal declaration of independence following my escape from a miserable marriage. I missed being outdoors. I enjoy being outdoors. I feel a greater appreciation of life when I am outdoors.
If anyone is planning any trips outdoors, I want to come along.


w. leavitt said...

very cool drawings. i'm sure mother nature's glad to have you back.

WHITNEY said...

I can't wait till you and I disappear into the globe backpacking.

Get back to the northwest, I need you.