b y u.

I'll confess that BYU campus is one of my favorite places to compose blog entries. I got out of my Spanish class 45 minutes early and I headed straight to the library because I've been thinking about blogging all day.

I feel like someone should've warned me that my Spanish 101 class was going to be taught in all Spanish. Scary.

At least I have been warned multiple times about how crowded it is during fall/winter semesters. I felt like a worker bee navigating my tasks among the maze of all the other worker bees as I attempted to purchase my text books at the bookstore. Shoulder to shoulder book buying.

And at least Hilary warned me that there are 2/3 more girls here than boys. Maybe my experience at BYU will teach me to have plethoras of healthy relationships with girls. Maybe I'll finally learn to be more comfortable with my own kind. I hope so. Truly I do.


WHITNEY said...

I'll learn spanish with you. Just don't make me be friends with any of your new girl friends. I hate zoobies.

MiriamR said...

I loved byu. Well not the weird byu but my education. I loved my history professors and some of my other professors and I didn't like the religion classes all that much until now. I learned so much and who would have thought those mandatory millions of religion classes would actually be useful later. Once you get past the 100 classes life gets better and pay no attention to people under the age of 20 they are irrelevant at byu especially the ones that live in the dorms.