Me gusta recibir cartas.

Nothing makes my heart go pitter-pat like seeing this in my mailbox:
An excerpt from the contents:

Do you longboard around campus? That would be so great and cool. I can see you with a nice long skirt and huge backpack carving around kids. Then they'd be like, "oooooo, a cutie that longboards. . . interesting. . . , " you know?

Ope! gotta go!

Elder Barlow

Maybe I won't tell him that longboards aren't allowed on BYU campus.

I think if I remarry, the prospective fiance will have to ask Michael for permission. My dad will be satisfied as long they are a temple-worthy priesthood holder, college graduate, and employed. Michael will scrutinize them to see if he thinks they are really cool enough for me.


Marie said...

Mike is the man! You know you are cool if Mike loves you because him loving you is enough to make you cool.
I wish he'd write me a letter!

WHITNEY said...

That is a good idea, that way you won't get married for at least another year. I like single laura.