I went through a phase not long ago where I literally listened to 8 hrs. of npr everyday. I loved it. Steve Inskeep, Renee Montagne, Doug Fabrizio, and Neil Conan were my daily companions. I looked forward to hearing their voices.

Every time I started listening to music I'd wonder what interesting news story or topic I was missing out on and give up and tune in again.
I think I liked npr so much because it allowed me to think outside my own circumstances and escape my reality to something that still seemed substantial and important.

Now I only listen to music. Everyday, while I'm commuting, folding, and walking on campus. If I'm not listening to music, I'm enjoying silence. I think it's because I am so thoroughly comfortable with myself and my circumstances. If I ever start listening to npr, I worry that I'm missing out on a perfect opportunity to enjoy some music. Sometimes I don't realize how big my smile is while I'm listening on campus until somebody passing me flashes a weird look.


Marie said...

I was recently sucked in by NPR because I turned on the radio and the pop stations DJ's all sounded like the biggest yutzes ever. I kept scrolling through the dial and then across the air waves came an articulate, cool female voice. I wondered what it could be. Oh NPR, of course. Since this is your blog I'll stop there and spare you the details of what really ticked me off so that I had to go back to the yutzes.

w. leavitt said...

ha ha. that happens to me on occasion - i catch myself walking around with a great tune in my head and a duffus smile on my face, and i think "better quit looking so suspicious."

WHITNEY said...

why is only doug tagged on this?

hey, I am wanting mangos and rice, are you free for food tonight?