digo contigo.

On Friday night I went alone to a book signing in Salt Lake. The solitude of the evening felt more like liberation than loneliness. I played my music loudly and reveled in all of the songs that I would've been embarrassed to listen to if I'd brought a friend along.
I heard about the book signing for Exodus on Radiowest's Thursday program. This image on the front cover is what compelled me to drive up and attend:
"It's acres and acres of desert, covered with thrown away panties, braziers, trousers, blouses, day packs, shoes, cosmetics, and empty food cans. And what you see is what you call a dump site; a drop point. (This) picture is taken 40 mi. north of the border. Mexicans have walked several days to get there. They're met by vans that have clothing bought at a Walmart. When they strip naked and get in this new clothing, they get in the van. Then they're taken to a stash house ... then they're shipped around the United States. What you're looking at there, is a Statue of Liberty. What you're looking at is Ellis Island. What you're looking at is where millions of Americans enter the United States."
- Charles Bowden (photo by Julian Cardona)

Afterward I drove to my brother Carl's apartment so he could help me with Spanish. He taught me how to say "I am _____-ing" and " I am going to ______."
I love studying Spanish with Carl. We get all tired and giggly. We laughed ourselves to tears once when I mistakenly used the word for "pig" (cochina) in place of the word for "kitchen" (cocina.) It always feels a little bit like it did when we were best friends as kids.


Carroll said...

Don't ever tell me that god doesn't answer prayers.

Marie said...

Sounds like fun with Carl!

I recently found myself inexplicably caught in a game of blog tag, so I tagged you. See my latest post for details.

T K Barlow said...

That post left me with a good feeling. Ditto to Mom's comment.

Nathan said...

exodus...ba bom ba bom ba bom.. movement of ja people... ah yeah... da da da da da da da da

eped said...

cripe! did I miss Charles Bowden again? who was signing, him or Cardona?
I saw a little of this in Orion last summer but didn't realize there was a book.

(I once said "shit" instead of "carry" in mixed company.)