i'm it too.

Okay, so Marie tagged me. I'm supposed to post 7 random things about myself and then tag 7 other people to do the same.
In classic Laura passive-aggressive style, I will post the 7 random things myself, but I refuse to tag anyone else. I accept whatever bad luck that may come as a result.

1. Favorite color

2. Recently fell in love with this scent. If anyone wants to indulge me for my birthday or christmas...

3. Dream jobs:

Stay at home mom who's only necessary job is raising her own children (for reals.)
Graphic novelist.
Couture fashion designer.
Hip hop d.j. (who is ultra-good at scratching.)

4. I eat brown bananas on a regular basis to prove to myself that I can.

5. I am allergic to all metals, with the exception of titanium and platinum. I wear only plastic or wooden earrings as you'll see here (photo by Karisa Price):

I am also allergic to my tears. Nobody believes me, but I get little rashy trails where they fall down my cheeks if I don't wipe them off quickly enough. I prefer to cry in the shower.

6. I am a part of a demographic, but I don't know anyone else in it. I discovered this one day on thegiantpeach.com. They've got my pinned. I would buy everything off this website if I could.

7. I would marry this guy if he were mormon:

here's why:


MiriamR said...

I had no idea you were allergic to metals and tears! I think I would prefer to only cry in the show too.

WHITNEY said...

I enjoy that shot of you. beautiful.

Jeff Denison said...

Is it sad that I love that you're allergic to your tears. The imagery is so potent.

mim said...

I love Shanel No 5 too. I thought it would be old lady, but it smells sooooo good. And I agree with Whitney.

Marie said...

Bravo! You are always interesting!