blind date.

I've never been on a real blind date before, but last week at church a girl asked me if she could set me up with her brother. I found out that he used to gleek on my brother in choir class when they were in the eighth grade.

The date hasn't actually been set up and I don't know if it's really going to happen, but the whole thing has got me thinking about the concept of blind dating.

Why do people hate it? Does it imply that you are inept at choosing a date of your own?

Truthfully, at this point, I think I'm willing to trust others' match-making skills more than my own. I'll be the first to admit that I lack good judgement when it comes to boys. Heck, I'll even bring it up so you don't have to. I'll even list the specifics of what I've done wrong.

I think that being set up on a blind date should be seen as a compliment more than anything. I think it shows that you've made an impression on the person who wants to set you up and that they are willing to introduce you to someone they respect.

My mom set up the first date of my brother, Tom, and his wife. I think that my mom was basically saying to my future sister-in-law, "You are the kind of girl I want as a member of my family and that you deserve my wonderful son." What's more complimentary than that?

I guess there are those other cases where people are like, "You're a big unattractive dork, and so is he...let's see if you guys can make babies someday." Or, if a single person of the same gender is setting you up, they could be trying to dispose of their leftovers. Yuck.

But really, I think the concept of blind dating isn't so foreign to anyone who has a facebook profile or any online presence for that matter. You fill that thing out wondering who will see it; friends, strangers, family members; and you do your best to make a certain impression.

I made some pieces for an art show. 27 chickens. Added together every contributor's chickens will be thousands in number and mark the approximate number of chickens consumed in Provo in one day. The chicken pieces will line the walls of the Sego Gallery and sell for $1 each. The proceeds will go to the Utah Food Bank.

I thought of what I could do to make my chickens stand out so that someone would feel the urge to spend $1 to buy them. I wanted to make a good impression on a worthy consumer. I think it ended up like a blind date.


Errant said...

nice art .. love them :)

I think blind date has another merit .. which is a sense of suspense .. :)

Kaylene said...

my number one issue with blind dating is all married people forget what it is like to date and think the only requirement for compatibility is being single. Their thought process, "your single, my brother is single you guys are perfect for each other!!!"

laura said...

That is probably true, Kaylene. All the same, I think that you're the kind of person who has probably been set up tons of times because there are so many people who love you. They're just really hoping that you'll find the romance you're looking for and want to help it along, right?

And yes, the suspense...thanks for the compliments, Errant.

Cambrie said...

I used to get set up on blind dates with people just because of my height. I'd get set up with the super short guys probably because people felt bad for them that there were too few girls who were shorter than them.

mim said...

I agree that it's usually a compliment to get set up on blind dates. I have had many bad experiences with them though. I think the worst was when it was a blind double date and the other couple was engaged and really just needed a ride where they wanted to go. Worst date of my life!

Dylan said...

laura i love the chickens. i need to get something of yours to hang in my new apartment.

oh and by the way, blind dating is all the rage in new york city.