swoon (less.)

(a self portrait I drew in 2003)

Last night I saw "Twilight" last with 3 of my siblings as well as my mother (who have all read the "Twilight" series books.)

It was a disaster. Absolutely dreadful. It was like I forgot that movies could be THIS bad. The dialogue: straight from the back of a cereal box. The action sequences: laughable.

But what really killed me were the romantic parts. I wasn't even involved enough to feel awkward about how poorly acted they were. I felt no reaction. None whatsoever.

Then I started to feel scared for myself like, "Laura, are you seriously so jaded about romance that you can't get into chick-flicks anymore?"

I felt even worse when I reflected on my experience watching the 4th season of "The Office" with my 25 yr. old cousin, Scott, on Thanksgiving Day.

"So Scott, do you like Pam? Like, do you think she's cute?"

"Yeah. I'm not sure that I'd go for her in real life, but I think that she's perfect for Jim."

"Okay, but do you really care if they end up together or not?"

"Yeah. I really hope they end up together. It's like the best part of the show."

I can genuinely say that in my experience watching "The Office" that Pam and Jim's relationship feels like the slow part, the thing that you just have to bear with or get through until you hit more of the funny parts. As I watch I find myself thinking, "Why would anyone even want to go for a girl like Pam?" But then I always answer myself with, "Oh yeah, Jim isn't actually that cool either."

I'm certainly not complaining, I think my life is fabulous and blessed. But aren't I missing out on something? Maybe I'm just watching the wrong movies?

Romance feels like a fairytale to me, like something a male would work at until he felt secure in his relationship; until he'd won her over.

Maybe just in most cases?

Maybe my icy, divorced heart will melt someday.


Nathan said...

I hate the twilight series and I honestly have the biggest crush on Pam. I would totally date her in real life... and I'd keep the romance going long after marriage.

Carroll said...

Laura I happen to know your heart melts pretty easily. These two are hard to identify with. Edward just doesn't exist. Why dwell on him? You are grounded in reality. Pam is all that you aren't. Rather plain and ordinary, she is what you don't want to be! However,it is interesting that many males have a crush on someone on as bland as Pam. What is it about her that they like?

laura said...

no mom, this isn't about me falling for guys easily-- of course i fall for some guys fairly easily-- this is about me falling for any guy's romantic tactics instead of laughing in their face. romance isn't often a trait i've sought for in the guys i've chosen to date. maybe it's a bad thing?

the pam crush factor does completely bewilder me.

oh yeah, and thanks for the reassurance, nate.

Errant said...

i've heard about the movie being bad n all though i didn't expect that ..

i must see it son .. to post my own opinion :)

WHITNEY said...

I agree with Carroll. Pam is bland. But Jim is too.

WHITNEY said...

Also, I think it's funny that you and McKay both posted about Twilight at almost the same time. But your entries couldn't be more different.

Amanda Jane said...

I think I would hate the movie too and I totally agree on the Pam thing. She is not a warm person...maybe we should watch more movies together.

Amanda Jane said...

I think I would hate the movie too and I totally agree on the Pam thing. She is not a warm person...maybe we should watch more movies together.

laura said...

Please Amanda! I need a good movie buddy.