prodigal daughter.

(I drew Whitney in church today.)

Alone time is overrated.

When I cut my mullet off this morning, Miriam was there to straighten the hairline on the back of my neck with scissors and Mom was there to vacuum off my shoulders.
Right now I need someone to stand on my ruler so that I can tear my over-sized piece of drawing paper in a straight line (but everyone is at church.)

I cannot describe how much I've enjoyed the company of my family while they've been visiting for Thanksgiving.

We had a lesson on the parable of The Prodigal Son in church today and I couldn't help but think of my own prodigal-ness. Not one of my siblings has been jealous or resentful or angry about my parents' figurative killing of the fatted calf upon my return.

Every moment spent in the company of my family feels absolutely joyful as being in their collective presence reminds of that fact.

I cannot wait for the time when we will all be happily gathered in the same room.


mim said...

I agree. Alone time is overrated when you can be with the right people. I have loved being with the best people I know this Thanksgiving. And there are enough really good people I know in Merced, that I can go back without crying at the thought of returning. (And I am so stinking excited about my new composting system that being alone while I am working in my yard seems okay too.) I'll miss you a lot though.

Susan said...

excuse me. hello. Um first off, I knew you were in art, but I did not know you drew like that! please don't agonize over your still life, whatever it may be. Whenever I have to draw another I secretly cry inside. And the lesson today about the prodigal son--I sometimes wonder, "which one am I, or am I both at the exact same time."

WHITNEY said...