¡más snowboard!

Snowboarding for the first time was amazing.

On my second run, Whitney and I grabbed one another's matching coats so that we were facing each other and snowboarded in tandem. We carved together and I went faster than I could've on my own. I felt like I got a taste of what it was like to really snowboard. Although I could hear my squealy laugh echo through the canyon, I couldn't stop.

I cannot wait to go again soon despite my aching legs.

On another note... I am going to deny myself of all treats starting tonight. I've always said that if Mormons practiced Lent that I would choose to deny myself of chocolate. It is my one addiction. Why not wait until the new year?

No excuses. I mean business.

(Oh. And why did I add the ad? My sister made $60 off hers. I'm a starving college student...)


whitney joy said...

All treats? I want to do that too! I also want to make money on having an ad!

whitney joy said...

also I LOVE your illustration! Yesterday was so fun.

Chelsey said...

That's awesome. i spent most of my first time snowboarding on my bottom:)

William said...

Yay!! I love to play with my snowboard...