2 seconds of fame.

Apparently, I'm famous.
Luke re-posted my A-Z project on his blog and it's been re-posted a few times. Way fun.

The other funny thing is that during our class critiques, my typography teacher wasn't really diggin' it. When I had the audacity to tell him it had been re-posted a few times and that other people seemed to like it, he was like, "They know you didn't come up with the idea, right?"
I'm still a little worried about getting an A on the assignment.

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Marie said...

For lack of a better place to post this, I was watching Mike Alger's "Infinipede" short and just as I finished viewing it, a HUGE centepede feel off my ceiling and onto my computer desk. I think he wanted to watch it, too. For cutes! (Then I smashed him!)