I was telling my mom just a few days ago that I think every good mother is loaded with hobbies. The theory behind it is that if they're not actively pursuing their own interests, that they are likely to be a little overbearing of their children and self-righteous from sacrificing too much.
"Do you think that I've been good in that way?", she asked.

"Yeah, of course mom, you've always been interested in tons of stuff."

"Like what?"

"C'mon, are you joking? I could start with how into history you are (she reads history books non-stop). . .yeah, I mean, remember the Freddy Krueger costume? Now there's pursuing an interest on a whim. . ."

"Yeah, but that's not really a cutesy mom thing to do, it's certainly not like scrapbooking."

"But that's what we love about you."

So here's the story: My mom dropped all of us kids off at elementary school on Halloween. We went to a private school where we weren't even allowed to dress up. I was in the 3rd grade.

When she returned home, she saw instructions on some morning talk show about how to make a really cool Freddy Krueger mask. She saw how easy it was to make one so authentic looking and felt inspired.

When she came to pick us up in the afternoon, she was decked out in a full costume, wearing the mask. It looked good. Maybe too good. She says she remembers scaring the kids and creeping out the teachers.

Of course I hadn't seen "Nightmare on Elm Street" and thought it was really fun that my mom had decided to dress up.

I hope I can be a good mom like my mom someday.

I pulled the beautiful watercolor of Freddy here.


whitney joy said...

I totally agree on moms having hobbies. I love that costume!

Amanda Jane said...

I think that is so true. I feel like a better Mom when I'm also doing things I love. It inspires me and makes me want my kids love the world as much I do.