2008 contained more than I ever could've possibly imagined. I'm being completely serious. I know that had I sat down on 01.01.08 and written down my fondest dreams, that all of them would have been surpassed by the incredible things that actually occurred throughout the course of the year.
But perhaps the most surprising discovery took place within the last few fractions of the calendar, just before the clock struck twelve: There are incredible men in the world who exceed all of your expectations.
And what's more? Some of them are still single.


A said...

i've missed reading your blogs! I loved the one about your family and the snow shoveling. I agree with that 100%! mY DAD is still like that with me. On New Years Eve he picked up my daughter for me from a dance so I didn't have to. (My husband had taken the younger ones home) There are amazing guys out there.

Mark said...

Bold or Sweet???

laura said...

definitely both.