spec book.

Okay, so maybe this will be my nerdiest post ever, but I've been working non-stop on this new assignment for my typography class. We have to make a typeface specimen book. What is that? We give the history of a typeface, indicate its origins (both in visually and in text) and show how the typeface can and should be used.

Now, please understand that my typography teacher wants us to get totally geeked out on typefaces. We played this game in class once that went something like this:

my typography teacher: Okay, suppose that Helvetica and Bodoni had a child. Which typeface would it be?

Oh man. Let me tell you right now that I don't know that answer off the top of my head.

So, here's my spec book. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I plan on printing it all out on one long sheet and folding it like an accordian for the final version (this only 4 of 9 pages):

When my friend, Nate, saw this project he said, "Man, can you imagine what school was like before computers? You would've learned real stuff, like Latin and philosophy." I still laugh every time I re-tell this joke.


mim said...

I think the answer to your teachers question is either Times or Palatino.

laura said...

Miriam's a nerd!

Amanda Jane said...

I want to take this class. I loved this post. It's cool.