When I lost my sketchbook on the plane, I also lost my favorite pen.
The most pressing thing about this is that I'm hand-rendering the typeface on the bottom of this poster and it needs to match the writing on the top (that was rendered with my favorite pen.)
I've been using a paintbrush + india ink and other various pens, but nothing looks quite the same.
So...I decided to buy a new pentel brush pen online yesterday.
The bad/ridiculous thing about this is that I had just been explaining to Josh that while I do get obsessed over projects that I'm working on, I don't typically get obsessed with buying things.
"Yeah, I mean, It's very rarely that I see something for sale and just have to have it."
Not 12 hrs. later I was drooling over the stuff on jetpens.com.
Final checkout sum: $25 (Just enough to qualify for free shipping :)
And I stayed up until I was almost too tired/lazy to brush my teeth perusing the site.
The first thought I had when I woke up this morning was, "I seriously spent $25 on pens again?!"
But when I thought about what I'd bought, I was just really excited:Scented .5mm mechanical pencil & scented lead.

Weird pencil bag that reads:
"the one who has a good sense of humor." and "the one who always looks at herself through the mirror."I'm hoping it will help me never lose my favorite writing utensils ever again.


Marie said...

"Utensils?" I prefer "implements." What do they smell like?

whitney joy said...

I am drooling too, I love me a good .5mm mechanical pencil.