love is in the air.

I swerved to dodge this on my way to school this morning. From the distance, it looked like a cat, but as I got closer, I saw that it was carrying something enormous in its mouth. I thought it might be a fox. When I saw that it was a tiny dog hauling its morbid jackpot, I couldn't stop laughing. I could tell that it wanted so badly to bark at me when I took this picture, but it wouldn't let the bone leave its jaws. It trotted away quickly, (somewhat awkwardly under the weight of the bone) like I was going to rob him. It was so reminiscent of a cartoon that I started to imagine him taking it back to his girlfriend to impress her (like the children's book, "Pretzel", that Carl gave me for my birthday.)

In typography today we switched classrooms because the regular one was occupied by illustration students. We were on the main level next to a bunch of windows, critiquing our spec books.
My teacher looks up from the book he's critiquing out the window and exclaims, "There are so many pretty girls at BYU. How come they weren't here when I was a student?!"
We all chuckled (a little awkwardly) and I noticed him checking girls out throughout the rest of class. He likes Asians.

I have exactly an hour to pack for NYC where I'll be until Mon. morning. Peace Out.

Oh, and I don't care what anyone says, I love D'angelo. I can't stop listening to this song lately. Seriously. This might be the 5th time I've listened to it today.


Former Fat Chick said...

I LOVE Corgis! THe Queen of England has like 6 of them, they are a very nice breed...but WTF? Where did he get that Dino Bone/ It looks like it is straight out of the Flinstones!

MikeAlger said...

speaking of Asians and dogs, that dog looks like a lot of the dogs here. They're all these little mutts running around with their own agendas. I wouldn't be surprised to see one check its wristwatch.