the virtue of heels.

So, like I was saying in an earlier entry, I recently bought my first pair of high heels. I first tried them on at DSW, mostly out of curiosity, in front of my sisters and my mom. I wanted to see if I could really walk in them. I was feeling a little self-conscious about the overt sexiness of what was on my feet, but everyone seemed to think they were great.

"You totally pull them off," said Marie.

"They look so feminine," said Miriam.

"I think that guys are gonna like those," said my mom.

"Thanks... I love how streamlined the shape is," I replied.

The first guy I showed them to was Mike Alger. I just opened the box and shoved the tissue paper aside.

"Yeah, so it's like my first pair of heels." I thought he might laugh.

"I've gotta say, for a pair of heels, those are pretty awesome."
I wore them a lot at first, for practice walking.
Even my brother complimented the way my legs looked. At church, a guy asked me what leg exercises I did do get my calves to look like that.
"None; it's just the heels. I'm not really used to wearing them."
From a design perspective, heels elongate your legs and make them looked toned. This is, in its own way, really practical. People have known this forever. I feel a little silly that it took me so long to get it.

King Louis XIV had it figured out. Check out this guy's legs... it's certainly more than I'm willing to show.


whitney joy said...

you forgot to mention the whole relief society freaking out at how good your legs looked when you got up to teach!

McKayJoice said...

This is odd to me. . I would think of you as a heel girl.

I love my heels.

Love them.

Costi said...

show off those legs! and bring on your friend's analysis! we'll have to go on a shopping spree one day...

Marie said...

Strut your stuff, girl!

MiriamR said...

I love heels. These one's are beautiful. I always feel shallow because I love heels so much. Have you bought any more? You have to get a black pair too!